The fat lady has just sung! It is done. I feel i am getting better with using color pencils. Also, a big thank you to everyone who has liked my work and started following me to see what else i’ll post next; especially the #gravityfalls fans ( or #fallers) is what they are called and friends far and close. To be honest, this fandom has gotten out of control… in a good way! I haven’t had this much fun with #fanart in a long time. I wasn’t expecting so many people to like the #initiald (one of my all time favorite animes) crossover as well. I think if i do more of this crossover, i shall # it as #projectfalls. Anyways,work was long, i became a treehugger today, and i finished this up when i got back home. Thanks again! ‘Late. #dipperpines #wendycorduroy #wendip #wendipper #wendyxdipper #mysteryshack #ae86 #suckitrobbie

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